2. Wanted Burger & Hot Dog Retro pillow from Kozza.

    Kozza is a small textile workshop created in 2013 and located in Montreal. We create personalized household textiles. All of our products are tought and conceived on demand at our workshop by our passionate team. All of our providers are canadiens and we exclusively use quality materials in the making of our products. 


  3. CUDDLE KING HOODIES design by Kate Lalic is a High Quality 100% Cotton hoodie.

    Cuddle King is a main character in Kate Lalic’s literary blog. He’s a Womanizer with mommy issues. Gentleman, raised by french descendant parents, he’s the perfect mix between a French man with manners and an artsy boho guy from the city. Cuddle King may be a philanderer but he unfortunately has eyes only for Kate.



  4. The GIVI Airflow system designed specifically for the Yamaha Super Tenere offers a unique adjustable windshield system. The upper sliding windshield blade can be raised approximately 7 inches from its lowest setting and is secured using to large and accessible latches. The Airflow system offers excellent wind protection and can be adjusted to suit any riders needs.

    Personal note: This windshield unique design is incredible and allowed me to ride 12 hours days on the Blue Ridge Parkway without ear plug. A great addition to my Super Tenere!


  5. Mattress from Literie Drummond

    You won’t want to sleep on anything else!


  6. Elka Suspension Stage 5 with hydraulic preload now available for the Yamaha Super Ténéré 2012-2014


  7. www.BonneNuits.com

    Le Gardénia représente « L’Amour inavoué »., EIle s’épanouit seul ou en petit groupe, elle laisse sur son passage un doux parfum sucré. Le Gardénia est un matelas qui vous apporte un soutien ferme et suit le mouvement du corps pour celles et ceux qui désirent vivre un sommeil d’une excellente douceur.


  8. A new trend, Portes Milette’s panel doors with square mouldings offer a streamlined Zen look with clean crisp lines.